Cedar Grove Soccer Club

Goal Differential and Uniforms
As we are playing in a new league, with new rules, it’s important to make sure we are aware of all rules/regulations. There are a few areas we wanted to review with you to ensure we continue to make this fun for not only our kids, but all league participants.

As in other leagues, Morris County frowns upon excessive scoring. We are sure we do not need to convey the benefit of limiting “blowout” games in order to create a competitive, yet fun environment, and we must manage this appropriately. Although there are no formal guidelines, below is taken from the Northern Counties Soccer Association Rules of Competition:

In an effort to limit excessive scoring, any team that wins a game with a greater than 7-goal differential shall be fined $25 for each goal above the 7-goal differential. In addition, any team that wins by more than 7 goals will only be awarded 2 points for the win instead of 3. Any coach that records two wins in a season with a greater than 7-goal differential shall appear before the Games Conduct Committee.

This is a competitive league, but please ensure that you do not lose sight of the bigger picture and maintain a goal differential below 7.

Second, as a reminder we cannot make any changes to our teams’ uniforms (adding their names, etc). Please ensure this is clearly communicated to your parents.