Cedar Grove Soccer Club

Dealing with Discipline
We want to prepare you for the unlikely event that you have a player who needs some disciplinary attention. In these cases, we ask that you keep the board informed via email during each step of the following process:

The coach will discuss the problem directly and privately with the player, with the assumption the problem will be corrected immediately.

If the problem persists, the coach will communicate with the player's parent(s) to discuss the problem and lack of response on the part of the player. Parents will have the opportunity to be involved with correction of the problem at this time.

If the problem continues, the coach may temporarily suspend the player.

If the situation warrants, the team manager may recommend to the Board that the player be removed from the club. The parents will be notified by the Board of the manager’s recommendation.

The parents of any player recommended for removal from the club may request to meet with the Board.